Portrait of Anna Marie Cooper

The Blog is born!

I have avoided the world of blogging for a long while.  It seems like a weird thing to do – tell people things that they could find out via Google’s ever-expanding and knowledge-increasing world.  I don’t feel like I have much to say, or know the right way to say it, so why am I finally taking the plunge?

I feel (with resistance) it’s time… We live in a visual age and as a wedding and portrait photographer in the UK I have so many images I can share that will hopefully bring sparkle into people’s lives.  I meet many wonderful individuals and it’s only right that the world can meet them too – through my lens.

I hope this blog can be a place for you to feast on beautiful faces, beautiful lives, and inspire you to DO more, BE more, LOVE more.

You can be one of those beautiful inspirational faces – get in touch via my website.


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