A flying start to my 2017

2017 is going to be an exciting year!
I have been booked for Wedding Photography not just in Brentwood, Essex, but further afield in England and even France… I’ll be meeting and working with some great suppliers and couples.
This week I can say I have received my first award as a Wedding Photographer and I can’t wait for the upcoming challenges.
When I attended the #SWPP2017 print competition on Wednesday, I was gutted I had already missed the judging of my categories, so I had no clue how my prints had done, and no clue what the feedback was.
On Friday, I turned up for the Photography Trade show knowing that any prints that scored over 80 in the print competition would be ‘hung’ for display. Of course I had convinced myself none of mine would be there, but there was still a small glimmer of hope.
Well lo and behold, to my great surprise, there was one of my images – hanging on display! So 2017 marks my first print competition and my first rosette 🙂
I love this image simply because it epitomises elegance and grace. We were shooting in a relatively new venue – That Amazing Place – which boasts beautiful grounds, a lake, friendly staff and the feeling of home from home (albeit somewhat grander!)
After a bit of furniture rearranging, we used God-light paired with a reflector in one of the sitting rooms. The idea was to show off the merits of the dress and the beauty of an elegant but simple pose. Gina pulled it off beautifully.

Wedding Photography by Anna Marie


I am very lucky to have been involved in bridal shoots from pretty much the beginning of www.PhotographybyAnnaMarie.com.  It’s pretty much essential to stretch yourself and find out exactly how tweaking a pose can make all the difference.  I want my brides to look their best – not overposed, but natural and feminine.   Taking the time to do shoots gives you that opportunity and prepares you for challenges you might face on a Wedding Day.
Hair and makeup artists:  I first met Fran through her work with Team-Glam.  She certainly knows how to enhance a woman’s beauty. Jenny from The Home Salon had chosen a very elegant hairstyle to complement this classic look which turned Gina into a beautiful bride.
We were very grateful to Kitty & Dulcie for the loan of the Sweet Audrey dress paired with a Cover Me Kate lace bolero.
Here are a few more images from the shoot…


Makeup:  Francine Spurr 
Hair:  Jenny from The Home Salon
Dress and jacket: Sweet Audrey and Cover Me Kate

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