Engagement session- Liz and Kym – Stock, Essex

Just yesterday I was at a most beautiful wedding at Boreham House.  
It was the Wedding of Liz and Kym – one which I had been looking forward to for a very long time.  I am eager to tell you all about it, but first, I’m going to flash back to their beautiful engagement session.

It was a cold and fresh winter afternoon late in November.  The sun was going down, and the light looked lovely.  I was looking forward to meeting Kym as I already knew he had won the heart of a very special lady (and the blessing of her family).

The sat nav let me down a little bit, but after a rescue phone call, I found the family home and was welcomed in.  Liz’s mum was beaming with a beautiful smile.  She was so excited for her daughter’s upcoming wedding and it was clear she wanted everything to be perfect for it.  I entered the living area, where Toby (Handcraft Pictures) was recording the pre-wedding story.

After meeting Kym I whisked Liz away into the garden, to put her at ease in front of my camera.  Before long, Kym and Toby were ready to come out and join us.  I had been warned that Kym wasn’t keen on having his photo taken (well who is?!?) and was a little curious as to how this would go if he were too nervous.  It didn’t take long however, to realise that this time would indeed go well.   Liz is beautiful, funny, gentle, caring, and luckily – loves the cold!  Kym is calm, dependable, generous and thoughtful (more on this when I blog the wedding).

It’s cliche perhaps, but they genuinely are best friends and together, they seemed nice and relaxed in front of the camera – I guess it probably helped that my style involves a lot of hiding behind bushes or trees for most of the session!  I felt like I had known them a long while and we all enjoyed the time.

Photography by Anna Marie2017BorehamHouse_WeddingPhotographybyAnnaMarie_2487.jpg2017BorehamHouse_WeddingPhotographybyAnnaMarie_2736.jpg2017BorehamHouse_WeddingPhotographybyAnnaMarie_2760.jpgPhotography by Anna MariePhotography by Anna MariePhotography by Anna MariePhotography by Anna Marie


At last, after Christmas, it was time for the ‘big reveal’.  I went through their printed images with them and was so pleased that they loved them as much as I did.  I smile inside when clients lay down the challenge “we’re not photogenic” – it is the perfect opportunity to prove quite the opposite.   For me, being ‘photogenic’ is a myth.  It’s not really about your physical appearance, but your state of mind – if you are relaxed, happy and caught at the right time, you will look fabulous.  It is my job to achieve all of that at once.


Photography by Anna MariePhotography by Anna Marie

Dear Liz and Kym,

I told you you’d look good.
Thank you for trusting me and allowing me to share these moments.
I wish you the best in your journey forward and hope you treasure these images forever.

Anna Marie



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